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In 2014, Bear Creek Services adopted twelve shared values that were created with input from staff, parents and guardians, and other community stakeholders.  Our Program Coordinators have been focusing on one core value each month with our internal newsletter.  I am going to focus on our twelfth value, which is JOY.

The value actually says, “And lastly, we value JOY…in life, in work, in our communities."

It seems like there can be so many things that one can focus on that are negative.  However, I believe that when we look for things that bring joy, life is so much better.  Katy and Dana, who authored this month’s article, reminded staff that joy starts with one act at a time.  That act will hopefully get carried forward. 

In this time of giving, it seems that it is easier to find joy.  We see it in gifts given over the holidays, time spent with family and friends, and just an overall sense of goodwill toward others.  I want to take this time to thank everyone who has given to Bear Creek Services in so many ways.  

We have seen many volunteers give the gift of time, spreading joy to those we support.  Donations of money allow us to keep providing personalized community life experiences, which allow for shared joy in our communities.  Our office filled up with presents, so that everyone we support in our homes were guaranteed a gift this holiday season.  The joy of receiving a special present is evident in the faces of those experiencing the generosity of others.

I wish each of you joy in 2019.


Linda Driessen
Executive Director
Bear Creek Services





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