August 2018 Blog from Linda Driessen


At Bear Creek Services, we take great pride in being person-centered.  This concept means that we listen to the individuals that we support and do what we can to help them accomplish the life they want to live.  When we do this well, people live happier, more fulfilled lives. 

Sometimes the dreams are easy to accomplish, like helping individuals like Lynn and Jennifer attend concerts of their favorite musicians.  Sometimes the dreams take a longer time to accomplish, like saving up enough money to go on a trip that Sue would like to take.

Our Direct Support Professional (DSP) staff does a good job of being person-centered on a daily basis to help the people we support reach their goals.  The week of September 10th - 16th is "Direct Support Professional Week".  During this week, we will be bringing treats and personally thanking the DSP staff who work directly in our programs. 

We have also invited the local media to shine a spotlight on these Direct Support Professionals who are impacting peoples' lives for the better.  Hopefully you will see something about this on the local TV news or in the newspaper soon!

The next time you see a Direct Support Professional, I encourage you to thank them for the amazing job that they do!


Linda Driessen




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