Thoughts from Linda - September 2017


Thoughts from Linda Driessen:

Technology is becoming an important tool in our toolbox as providers.  It is also becoming a requirement for discussions with those we support.  As of August 1st, we are required to have a discussion with anyone new to our programs at their 45-day team meeting.  The Department of Human Resources has yet to tell us just what this means, but at the very least, we need to make individuals aware of how technology may help with independence.

Often times when I say technology, people think about cameras for the purpose of watching people are doing.  This is only a small part of how technology can support individuals to improve their quality of life --- and cameras are something that should be used the least.

The most common form of technology is the smart phone.  Phones can remind people to take their medication, call to check-in when someone has reached a destination, and many other purposes. 

Additional pieces of technology can include:

  • Pillboxes can assist individuals in being more independent with their medication management
  • Heat sensors can alert staff if someone is too hot or too cold.
  • Moisture detectors can be used if someone needs assistance with changing their absorbent briefs.

These things represent only a few examples of how technology can be used!

I anticipate that we will soon be required to discuss technology at every annual meeting.  Technology will probably never replace support staff.  However, as more systems are developed, they will allow us to do our jobs better. 

Technology will assist individuals to become more self-sufficient.  I am confident you will see Bear Creek Services advocate for the use of technology when it seems appropriate.  If you are interested in learning more, I would be happy to talk about the possibilities.   

Linda Driessen, Executive Director





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