Thoughts from Linda --- February 2017



    In 2014 we began the journey into 245D.  This is the state statute that directs the standards that we are licensed under.  To say it was a paradigm shift is an understatement.  For almost 15 years we were licensed under Region 10 Quality Assurance.  A system that looked at the quality of life for each individual, through a process called VOICE.  Providers’ services were “measured” by the value each individual found in the supports they received.  It was a team approach, bringing together all members that supported an individual to see how they were working together to provide a self-directed life for each person served.

    245D changed all of that.  It was based on the premise of Person Centered, a value we believe in, but it still seemed to be focused on the regulations and not the quality of life of an individual.  Getting all of our policies and training practices into “compliance” has been a long road.  But thanks to everyone’s diligence, we got a lot done in a really short period of time. 

    Just about a month ago, we had our licensing review.  And WE DID GREAT!  Feedback from the reviewer:  We had really good Person-Centered Goals; Our training was excellent; It was obvious that we worked hard to respond to the various changes; and our homes were very Person-Centered.  It was a stressful couple of weeks getting to and through this review.  Files needed to be gone through, documents found, policies reviewed, but in the end the hard work of the past few years paid off and it was rewarded. 

    So, I thank all of our support staff that got us to this point.  It took a village to get this positive review and I am grateful for all!  I look forward to us celebrating this accomplishment in the very near future. 

Linda Driessen




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