March Blog: We Need Your Support!

Immediate Action Needed!


The direct care staff who work in our programs are vital to our mission of “providing personalized community life experiences to individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injuries”.  They are the reason we are able to function! 

Each day, they support our 80+ residents and consumers to be as independent and happy as possible.  The support needs of each person can change from day-to-day.  Despite this challenge, our dedicated staff show up every day and give it all they have to positively impact the lives of others. 

Unfortunately, we are finding it difficult to find quality, caring, and enthusiastic staff.  Rochester as a whole is experiencing a shortage of qualified employees.  That is part of the issue.  The other part has to do with how we are reimbursed for the services that we provide.

The Minnesota State Legislature sets our rates.  In past years, funds to the services we provide were cut.  Although we have had some increases in recent years, the increases have not kept pace with the cost of living when you factor in the cuts that were incurred in the past.  For this reason, it has been difficult for us to offer a competitive wage to our direct care staff.

I am asking you to support a 5% rate increase for services such as those provided by Bear Creek Services.  You can do this by contacting your state senators and representatives and asking that they support The Best Life Alliance 5% campaign. 

  • Let them know how valuable these services are to those you care about.
  • Let them know how difficult it is when there is turnover in staffing.
  • And finally, tell them that people who chose to make this their profession deserve to make a living wage.

Contacting your legislators is easy!  Click here to access the site and enter your address where directed.  From there, you can send your legislators an email with the above information.  Legislators are debating this bill already.  Please take the time to do this as soon as possible!   

Together we can make a difference.  Thank you for being a Bear Creek Services supporter!

Linda Driessen

Executive Director

Bear Creek Services


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sunday Odeyinka 2016-03-30 06:58 pm

You have said all that need to said on the importance and the urgency for wage increase in this sector of the economy. You have given voice to the thoughts of a large spectrum of workers in this field. I sincerely hope our lawmakers will yield to this voice of reason and act accordingly.

Linda Driessen 2016-04-15 11:29 am

I do hope they hear from enough people to know how widely this is needed. Thanks for you comment.

Barbara Holnes 2016-03-30 08:56 pm

Our client are individuals each unique in their own ways. Each person have individual needs and deserve to have those needs taken care of each and everyday. We need to have individuals that are qualified to do the job. Let's face it low pay bring under qualified individuals. Given an increase in pay would also drive knowledgeable and caring people to be able to afford to accept a position doing one of the most important jobs they may ever accept and that is providing the best possible care for the most unique ,delightful and wonderful individuals. Please consider a increase this year for the companies to be able to pay employees a wage that will maintain and hire dedicated and qualified employees. Thank you for your time and consideration of increase.

Linda Driessen 2016-04-15 11:30 am

Barb, I hope that you were able to send this message to your legislators. Your perspective is very important.

Dr. Mahlon and Marilyn 2016-03-31 09:10 pm

We urge you to support The Best Life Alliance 5% campaign. Our daughter, Karen lives in a group home operated by Bear Creek Services. There is a constant turn-over of staff because of low wages. This is hard on the clients. If you value life, then the lives of the handicapped are important too.


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