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Written by Linda Driessen, Executive Director of Bear Creek Services:

As I write this month’s newsletter article, we are in the middle of an all staff in-service session.  Along with continuing our training on Positive Behavioral Supports, as required by the Department of Human Services, we are introducing everyone to a new electronic medication administration record.  I would like to share with you how important this new record keeping system is.

As an agency, one of our quality improvement projects has been to decrease the number of medication administration errors.  Errors occur for a variety of reasons, but we have addressed this in many ways.  We overhauled our medication administration class; required that everyone learn to administer medication as a part of their job responsibilities; and have refresher training annually.  As a result, we have seen a decrease in the number of errors.  However, it would be the ultimate goal that we have no medication errors. 

To this end, we have added the electronic medication record as another tool to assist staff in being as accurate as possible about the medications they administer.  We have had feedback from other providers that this system has helped them also reduce medication errors.  This quality improvement goal fits with our value statement, that we value the physical, mental, and emotional WELL-BEING of each individual. 

Accurate medication administration is imperative to the well-being of those we support.  Although there will be a learning curve, I am confident that this new tool will make it easier for direct support professionals to do their job.  And I believe that will add to the well-being of our staff, too. 



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