Welcome to Bear Creek Services!

Imagine a place where your loved one can learn life skills, such as cooking meals safely, or navigating the Rochester Public Transit system, in a way that allows them to live as independently as possible.

Imagine them making their own decisions on how to spend their time and money while receiving the personalized support they need to responsibly follow through on those choices.

Imagine them participating in community activities such as fitness classes, karaoke, dances, smiling, and laughing along with their new-found friends.

There is no need to imagine further, because this is exactly what we do at Bear Creek Services.

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It is our mission to provide personalized community life experiences for individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injuries. Our person-centered programs can help your client or loved one build their independence and maximize their potential, to live life to the fullest on their own terms. Read our full Core Values Statement.

We are able to provide such quality direct care services because we have two things: heart and experience. Both of these vital attributes come from our founders, the concerned parents who started Bear Creek Services in 1976 because there weren't options for their adult children with developmental disabilities at that time. Over the decades, we have grown from a single group home with 6 young adult residents to a total of 14 homes, 4 apartments and in-home support services for over 70 adults in the Rochester, MN area.

Additionally, the founders' compassionate spirit and determination to improve quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries has remained the cornerstone of Bear Creek Services to this day. We see these values demonstrated by our employees, our volunteers and our donors as they work to support those in our community with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

Learn more about our programs, and set your client or loved one on a path toward independence with Bear Creek Services today.



Our Mission

To provide personalized community life experiences for individuals with developmental disabilities and brain injuries.


Shared Values

Bear Creek Services has 12 shared values that shape every decision we make.     Click here to see our values.


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